once upon a time

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Deep down in all our minds
There are shadows twisting and churning.
Folded into crevasses in the consciousness.
Seemly no structure or substance though, always
There are reasons why we cannot let them surface.

Hiding from self, cannot face the shadowy truths
That we all must one day draw forth and confront.
It's easier to hide in the shadows of our minds, and
Twist reality to suit our dishonesty with self.
That moment when shadows roil forth saying, here I am
Talk to me, deal with me, only way to find your peace of mind.

Always there are going to be shadows in all our minds.
We need to sweep the shadows aside let them dissipate.
By confronting our fears we find that all the crevasses
Where the shadows lurked are closed and sealed.
Accepting there were shadows that are
No longer troubling our minds.

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