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 Graceful Aging

Post-birthday introspection brings me wisdom;
Seeing my manic scurrying from Father Time.
My workouts had become more of a footrace;
A desperate run from that old man in the mirror.
There is no escape from the movement of time;
I walk in union with my future by graceful aging.

Does this mean I stop lifting or running trails?
Do I stop my yoga or my hikes in the woods?
 Do I declare my diet restrictions on sugar passť?
Do I quit, begin to party, for tomorrow I die?
These questions each worthy of wise answers
Throughout history by those seeking graceful aging.

It is not the length of my days exploring this earth;
It is not the quantity of my pile of accumulated sand.
I have been dying from the moment that I was born;
As the universe teaches us that everything must age.
I can smile today, knowing my motivation is correct;
I'm now hiking on that beautiful trail of graceful aging.

From the outside, others will see no change in me;
For it is within my heart, my attitude of expression.
A few less pounds of iron on the bar tomorrow;
That hour brisk run now becoming shorter, gentler.
Sweet peace surges throughout my soul today;
I sign an armistice with reality; graceful aging.


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