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 Gift of Time

Running in my neighborhood,
You shout to me from your porch.
Inviting me up for a glass of tea;
We begin to chat, small talk at first.
Quickly building a bridge of trust;
You begin to open your heart.
You give to me the greatest gift;
It is the gift of time.

Sitting on your front porch;
Listening as you tell me
The tales of days gone by.
You talk of past loves;
Of war, of hatred, of bad times…
But you also talk about
The perspective that comes
As a gift of time.

I embrace every word you speak;
Each dripping with wisdom
From nearly a century of life.
I glean from your experience;
Smiling as I listen intensely.
You throw in your two cents
On just about everything…
Especially about the gift of time.

You tell me to slow down my pace;
Reach out to those around me who
Need a few moments shared.
The world is full of lonely people
Who only want a touch of humanity.
The thick ice around my heart breaks;
For I have learned my lesson today
About the true gift of time.


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