Would this mean the end of terror every where?

Would this mean the end of terror every where?
The first black one in the white house ,
Thought that enough is enough,
And the time has come  to put an end,
To the needless killing of innocent ones.

There was no need to search far and wide ,
For the  most important killer of  the decade,
Who called himself one of the students of religion,
And  was called obama with an “s” instead of “b”.

But there was a need to search  for this killer,
For some said he was already dead and is in heaven,
Some said he was hiding in the thick Afghan forests,
And yet others  said he can never be found out.

Obama  was surprised to know from   the spy army of his,
That Osama was indeed  alive and living like everyone else ,
In a big town,  that too near an army post ,  in a three storey house,
In a country that called itself  the greatest friend  of his own country.

Obama dared not request the country that was his friend ,
To  hand over the terror who was the student of  the religion,
For he thought that the first one to know  about his secret request ,
Would be Osama living in a three storey home in that country itself.

One fine morning several mechanical birds of the sky flew.
In stealth  so that the radar of the friendly country could not find,
Full of chosen soldiers  from the army of the sea(l)  of his,
Who were prepared to die , to kill the terror who could kill all.

And they did  that and killed  that savant of religion of peace,
Who thought killing others   for  the sake of his religion ,
Was never a sin, for God would decorate him  in heaven,
But these seals of the sea buried him in the sea itself.

Obama of the barracks  thus put an end to the saga,
Of Osama  who  was laden with an onus of his own,
And the happy people  all over the universe asked,
“Would this mean the end of terror every where?”

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Would this mean the end of terror every where?

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