Patricia Etienne

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My great pride* 

O' this flag 
I live and walk under 
How my heart 
Eternally sings 
The song of joy 
When I watch it floats 
High, so high 
Below sky blue 
My brave ancestors… 
Their nonpareil efforts 
Vigorously fought for their country 
So they did! 
They so very did! 
Breaking out of slavery 
In vertieres 1803 
Battle of freedom 
And so independence was to initiate 
In Venezuela, they sought for the cloth 
Through heavy sea waves 
Many perished at sea below 
Brought on land the torn cloth 
Lady Catherine Flon, 
Heart of a great patriot 
Heroine of forever time 
With her last seed of strength 
And through difficulties to greatness
She used strands of her hair as threads 
to stitch the torn cloth. 
So thought by

The Great Emperor 
The disposition of colors and symbolization 
Black for geographical parameters 
Where sun rises and sets 
Red for all blood shed 

 Which later changed to red and blue
Symbol of palm tree for endurance 
Labor, devotion, freedom 
With the motto “Unity is strength" 

Floating flag 
In the land of Haiti 
On the account of victory! 
So this flag continues to wave before my eyes 
My heart pumps blood of joy 
Each breath inhale, each breath a smile

I cherish my freedom. 
I honor my ancestors
My pride is all I have!

© 2011 by _Patricia Etienne
All rights reserved

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