exhale the quiet

the majesty of...

      The conclusion: to the winds.
  In fleeting moments when my heart beats in total darkness
and my veins are flooded with thoughts of suicide
i raise my head and look upon my possessions as if i owe
myself something, i walk to the edge to see the hills and ruins
that i know well.
 the lyrics of a favorite song comes to mind... "i can't find,
all the rights of my decline, but see me once and see the way i
feel... remnants of autumn sail pass me as i walk the middle
of the street, i know some parts of my spirit i surrendered
to you, never the less their are portions you have taken with ease.
with a slave like manner i am consumed with you old father...
today like days passed my spirit is at war old father...
from this perch i could leap into the gust knowing that my wings are
of great width and power, and fiction.
i could fly over my smoldering ruins and shout question to the
winds and be rewarded with echos as i land on the cusp of my creation
and soul destruction, raise my head and close my eyes, and
think no more.  

 (this is the original feeling, i hesitated
to put it on my site but its very much the
blue print (if you will)it was liberating
and i was crazy happy, cause i was honest
with myself, but those in my life in my
hardly wanted to scan it let alone read
it so, onward and upwards).

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the majesty of...

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