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a ritual with a stranger
every time not quite the same
this ritual with a stranger
that brings joy without shame

she draws her curtains precisely
to show she is alone
then sits in nervous anticipation
close by the telephone
anxiously fidgeting
watching the clock
hearing its every single
tick tock tick tock tick tock

she starts at the first ring
really has no choice
sighs with excitement
as she hears that voice
giving her instructions
which she must obey
in their continuing ritual
of satisfyingly erotic play

he leads and he coaxes
instructs and implies
she follows precisely
unquestioningly complies
she hears rasping breathing
matching exactly her own
and ecstatic seconds later hears  
the click of a disconnected phone

a ritual with a stranger
that she's learned to treasure
this ritual with a stranger
that brings her joy and pleasure

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