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Spending more time at home, my warm cocoon;
Re-inventing myself from deep in Elmo's gym.
Returning to the quiet, lifting intensity ramped up;
My steel cage is rattled by the heavy iron once again.

Running on the streets of Covington like in the past;
Finding my roots, my strength, my energy center.
The neighborhood hills beckon my feet to it's pavement;
My runs are alone now; gentle pace, simple goals.

Spending time on my big Indian rug for my yoga practice;
Gentle twists and postures; flowing from my soul.
Meditation with my dog Quest upstairs afterwards;
Gentle session of peaceful observation and settling.

No longer working out at the YMCA nearly as much;
Limiting my outward reach, enhancing my energy and drive.
Spending more time with Sherrie, for our hours are short;
Returning to the loving arms of my one and only.

Am I allowing myself to enter into regression?
Withdrawing back to the security of my gentle home.
Have I taken a big step backwards socially;
Or do I need to regroup, define, empower, and learn?


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