Ya git older and realize
All this stuff you have
Is a burden
That holds you back
From what really
As your back ache mounts

Ya git older and see
All these clothes you have
Is a oxymoron in fashion
Because if you save it long enough
It will come back in style
Somewhere down the long mile
Ya git older and hear
All this music you have
While more and more
Comes on and you listen
To the same thing that was
Sang before
Now sang in a different way

Ya git older and touch
All these keys
On this computer
Tickling the T's and Y's
Bringing maybe laughter
Then you sometimes cry
Because your babies are gone
While you are left alone
Life goes on and on
Ya git older and smell
All the green grass growing
Taller than you can keep up with
Mowing and
As soon you know
Dry season will come again
As you remember
You never wanted Spring to end
Ya get older and taste
All the flavors of youth
Cussing and at times uncouth
And you want the flavor anyway
Just a sip of what the young
May realize
As they gulp down life
Filling their stomachs
To the brim
While you know

Ya git older

Ya git bolder

Ya git wrinkles

Ya git crinkles

Ya git 'em in your back

Ya git a pain attack

Ya git weak

Ya git God

Ya git nature

Ya git to be odd

Ya git to write poetry

Ya git to not give a damn

Ya git boys calling you mam

Ya git to party

Ya get loud and hardy

Ya get to be you

When ya git older

You're still livin'

All your life through.

5/20/2011 2301 PDT cj

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