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 A Spark

My bride and I, 35 years now removed;
She holds my heart now
As she did that very first day.
Mundane days, peaceful surrender;
Sitting on the porch swing
On a hot summer night.

Slowly swinging, drinking a glass of tea;
Dusk darkens into the night
As we swing in silence.
Warm breeze now resting still;
Beads of sweat roll slowly
Down my forehead burning my eye.

The silence is thick; but not forced at all;
The crickets sing their song
Of romance in the night.
Cicadas chirp in, this chorus of love;
I look over at my wife
Of these many years.

Thunder rumbles, flickers on the horizon;
A storm is brewing up
And coming our way.
A cool breeze now, the flashes draw closer;
Chilling the sweat on our
Bodies gives us shivers.

The wind blows strong, rain begins to blow;
A bright flash lights up
My wife's beautiful face.
The crack of thunder, we jump just a bit;
I draw her close to me
 As a kiss now creates a spark.


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