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 Faculty Of The Mind: By Michael Ssemakula

Short on almost everything except cunningness and sabotage

He backed on a journey that seemed mentally promising

Step things fell in place that were not of his own making

Other things remaining constant, life revolved fairly well

I shall now highlight the heredity issues that have often in error

Been blamed for people's shortcomings since time was born

But I have been around for quite sometime to believe that morally

Each of us is responsible for the powers brought forth within

The forces that expect us to discern the use of right from wrong

Others of course hoping to beat the system, have fully indulged

In evil deeds and hoped the devil to bring in heavenly blessings

Facts have been grossly distorted into episodes of false witnessing 

And in this one fella’s world, stealthy competitions will never cease

Trailed by a series of unbecoming conducts since childhood to date

Ranging from hatred, sabotage and fiction against all in his path

To this day; fighting for the name that is long dead has become

A project that others have to painfully contribute by hook or crook

But to no advance, "the evil that men do...lives after them"

Repeating the same offense, also known for repetitive offenders

And these delinquents often venture into pandering obscenity

I am to refrain from backing down on any expectations from the wicked ones.

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