The soul has much to say

Inquiring minds...


Friday night
New kid in town
Love the Eagles
Donovan's' Tavern
Happy hour...welcome party

First impressions, so they say

Curious minds, clandestined intent
Wanting to know, my story
A little icing...but no cake

My secrets, safe with me

80's night
Suicide blonde, from the 3rd floor
She's shocked, that I'm here too
Wishing my 15 minutes of fame

...expired an hour ago

Unoriginal cliques
I'm a loner...not by choice
My mind is elsewhere
A cold one, refreshes my thoughts
Washes down, the saltless pretzels

...missed lunch

Guys wanting, to talk sports
Girls whispering, about status
Being the focus, of attention
Strange to me
I'm not above, such topics

...I just want more  

Jukebox epiphany
Sister Christian
Where did my youth go?
1984 review
Make different choices

...listen to different voices

"So, you're the one?"
Soft voice...softer eyes
Confirming my alias
Cover girl
Glamour, Vogue

Unusual...for a bartender

Best conversation, of the night
She senses, I'm different
"Don't be a stranger"
I guess, I won't
Bidding adieu, to my peers

Going home...though no one's there


Still early,
Time to find a place
and bend the knee
New surroundings
An old love

Dear Lord...

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Inquiring minds...

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