vicki wroe

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 A flower in Heaven!

If hugs and kisses exist in Heaven Lord then please get hold of two or three,
Send them to my special Nana and tell her they're from me!
Let her know how much she's missed and catch the tears that fall from her eyes,
Please wrap your arms around her Lord and tell her I love her deep inside.

Let her know I think of her often, and always speak her name,
Let her know we're all doing fine but life will never be the same,
Please keep her safe in you tender care, and in your special keeping,
Let the sun shine down on me when I place flowers at the place where she is sleeping.

For every time I think of her, my heart begins to ache,
As she was such a big part of my life and she'll never be replaced.
So when you see her walking by please place a kiss upon her head,
Hug her tightly Lord and tell her to pretend it's from me instead.

Love you always Nana!!! xx

Vicki Wroe, 21. (C)

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