If We Knew Now

                                  If We Knew Now         May 31,2011

If we knew now what we didn't know then we'd have the company of the ten
The men that died when women cried would be here with us today
Wolfetone to Sands and many more would honor the streets of Ireland
Marraid would not be in heaven now with Danny and Sean close by
Connolly would walk the streets of Dublin with his comrades by his side
Kilmanham Gael would not exist, Pearce would speak with pride
Freedom would be a normal thing in many different ways
We would extend our love to the other cause, accommodate and say God Bless
The death plaques around our country would be places of our cause
We will bend our knee and know we're free, no fears to name your child
The murals on the wall are gone and free Derry still exists
The Bogside ands the Falls will thrive every Irish day
Tom Williams would walk beside us, this is our Irish way
The barracks wall would not exist you can walk the dog in peace
The smoke and the smell can go to hell, we love this town so well
From the Falls and the other Irish Streets we'll walk as one in peace
We'll extend our Irish hand of welcome, join us on our journey
Aiden McCannespie will be with us with his Loughall friends for sure
Too many friends of Ireland to mention, Kevin Barry's one for sure
To be killed as a child with a plastic bullet Carroll Anne Kelly God knows for sure
The easy deaths were the fast solution with family grief to come
Bend your knee and pray for our people to the God of your belief
Our country must move forward, each and every one, Peace is on the way
Children's laugh is our future; it's was music to Bobby's ears
Sing out for Ireland, sing loud and clear a Nation Once Again

Gerrard McGeachy

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