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 With Patience

Selfish desires, wanting them fulfilled now;
Unruly ego usurps the authority of my soul.
Breathe deeply, refocus… regain my balance;
Finding my center, I can wait with patience.

Time ticks relentlessly, slipping into history;
Yet, the present is always with me if I look.
Eternal, pristine, unique, pure… stay with it;
The present allows me to wait with patience.

Looking into my enlarging personal history,
Or when looking forward to my hopeful future;
Each a distortion of time into the linear plane.
Only in the present can I wait with patience.

I now know the secret, the key to survival;
Victory over impatience is within my grasp.
Ego returns to it's domain as my soul soars;
In the present moment I wait with patience.


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