The soul has much to say the moment


More, than words
Never thought about it
Saying, the unthinkable?
Uttering, the unforgettable?

No...just stating the obvious

Radio inspiration
Linda Ronstadt first love
Blue bayou

I would...if I could

Random drifts
Deleting the mundane
The pen of life
Language of consequence

Sorry...I'm rambling

California dreamin'
Sending diamond wishes
To a friend, a Queen
She says, "Keep writing"

I have no say, in the

A September day, in June
Always feel stronger
when touched by autumn
Thanking the Lord, this morning

My voice echoing throughout, Heaven

Jersey shore souvenir
A little of the beach
stuck in my shoe
A mermaid, named Donna


Sharing my life
with a dash of imagination
Figure me out?
Read me...kiss me

...doesn't matter

Helium filled mind
Can't you see me, in the sun?
I've yet, to truly soar
Did I take your breath away?

No sky...only His Light

Poetic, tides
Running waters, beneath the ocean
Half of what I see
None of what I hear

I thought, I was dying

He whispered, "It's only...the beginning"


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