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 Timeless Love

The great gulf of reality is bridged;
Spanning the heavens and the times.
Separate; yet always connected;
Unable to touch you, unable to see.
The embrace of our soul is unique;
Suddenly realizing our timeless love.

With no hope of a physical union;
Not a dream of touching your flesh.
I reach out into that universe beyond;
That unexplored realm of the shadows.
We are two ships passing in the night;
Yet nothing can still our timeless love.

There is no logic that can be found;
There is no reason our love should exist.
Yet is does! As sure as my next breath,
You are intertwined with my essence.
We are blended into one creation;
Joining with you in our timeless love.  

From the first moment, we clicked;
All the tumblers fell into sequence.
We have traveled this path before;
We will travel it again, without doubt.
Always… forever and beyond;
Timeless love… truly, timeless love.


Inspired by the book “Passion in Paris,
Direction of the Heart”, by Rusty Blackwood.


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