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Before the sun was up he was out the house and gone
He worked on the docks doing manual labor all day long
Standing six feet weighing two hundred and twenty five pounds
Not a giant but to me he was the biggest man around
I would be playing with the neighborhood boys outside
He would drive up get out with his arms opened wide
I would run, jump up and he would catch me without breaking stride
Take me in the house without saying a word just wearing that crooked smile
Cutting the grass, pruning a tree in the yard or in the bath replacing tile
I would watch him work around the house using nail, hammer and saw
I learned a lot of things while watching and assisting my dear old Pa
He would test me on the names of tools and how they should be used
He didn’t believe in spanking children, he never did abuse
Catcher’s mitt, first basemen’s glove and playing catch is how he showed his love
Those days I did adore as we would play and wrestle on the floor
Every Friday night we would watch the fights on TV
Then he would instruct me in the jab, cross, slip and hook so no one could bully me
He would take me to the stadium to see the game
I would remember all the players by their numbers and their names
We would go to the arena for boxing and wrestling events
He showed me how to tie all types of knots and even how to pitch a tent
He was named Willie but he was known as Hammer or Big Bill
He died a long time ago but I love him still
I have grown up… but I will always be... Little Bill


Habib Abu Lateef


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