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a zillion friends on facebook
not one of whom he knows
twitters at least once a day
and they all follow his flow
it's an outrageous situation
when you have a certain fame
everybody thinks they know
the man behind the name
that persona keeps on smiling
at everyone he meets
shaking hands and chatting
as they see him on the streets
a self perpetuating situation
inspired by the real fear
of being yesterday's news
comes the certain time
when he ceases to amuse
and bit by bit loses
the trappings of his fame
and very soon becomes
another has been name
deep down he thinks maybe
obscurity can't be too bad
he can enjoy once again
the privacy he once had
until then he keep on fighting
to be the figure the public see
yet every night at home
he returns to being me
and I take of his mask
file his persona away
and for a few hours I enjoy
being quiet unknown grey
comes the morning maybe
he files away the I
for an appearance on TV
back in the public eye

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