The soul has much to say

Summer breeze...


Licking the flame
Painfully perfect
Great expectations

Wanting to kiss you
in the worst way hungry

My pen
Waiting to exhale
Frantic excavation

...for the perfect words

I write
I sing
...and I don't know why

Staring out my window
just above the trees

They want to know
the source of it all
I tell them, my heart

I tell them...

Where do I go from here?
I'll go anywhere
Please...point the way

Praying, through the night
Greeting, the sun
"Such, devotion", says my Father

"Such, love", I whisper

Virgin territory
24 hour supplication
Never done that, before


So long, a search
Finding my grail, made of flesh
Your taste

...where do I begin?

I'd speak of your beauty
but they won't believe me
I've touched you

...and still

It'll be warm, tonight
Stretching out in the grass
beholding His face

...summer breeze

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Summer breeze...

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