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 Power of Love

Reaching out beyond the borders of passion;
More consuming than any romantic moment.
Two hearts bonded into one unique creation;
I'm talking the dynamics of the power of love.

Built as a mighty fortress against all loneliness;
The warm bond of friendship ties us together.
Year after year we have walked this trail in unison;
We have entered into the universal power of love.

Is this only a commitment to a promise that I speak;
Only obligations made to one another long ago?
Nay! I say… running deeper that words spoken in vows;
A new creation was born within by the power of love.

I reach out to you with consuming flame of renewal;
Revival, restoration; seeking the fire once again.
Searing death's hold, invigorating the union founded
Firmly upon the dominion of the power of love.  

Stirring up the relationship; guardian to the torch;
Defenseman of all that is Holy; keeper of the heart.
Warrior battling complacency; doctor healing the hurt;
I am talking about the overwhelming power of love.

The watchtower stands ready against outside attacks;
The encampment within grounded upon the rock.
Looking into your eyes I see my eternal future;
Shared with you, constructed by the power of love.


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