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I sit here simply trying to comprehend
Even a small facet of this powerful word.
10,000 years…
Tis only a moment.
Cycles turning uninterrupted;
Churning out destiny.
Opening my soul to truth;

Ageless, timeless, without need of sleep;
The eternal present moment explodes.
Raining down precious
Milliseconds of life.
A minute, a day, a year;
 Without definition.
Without beginning, without end;

This mortal life exists on a linear timeline;
The sands pouring through the hourglass.
I reach out to stop time;
Not wishing to age.
Mocking me in this finite system;
I age, become weak… I die.
Yet, this is but a single moment;

Looking into my soul I glimpse eternity;
The oceans within founded before my birth.
Rhythms of the waves;
Synchronizing the moment.
A consistent presence;
For a billions of years.
Swept away by what forever is;


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