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Skyla (dedication by wings2fly2heaven)


"Gently brush the face of sweet surrender,
Gaze into the eyes of faith,
Hold hands across the threshold of destiny.
For the mysteries of all seasons fall softly around us.  
See, listen, and touch the Spirit's will and let it rise in you"


Just fly away to where butterflies play
In one golden sweep; where time has no consequence upon a free-spirit.

O eternal life, where her youth shall sustain evermore!

O beauty of innocence "Sky" shall fly high!

And though the passing of the sun may rise and fall
for those left to tread this earthbound place,
we shall move forward until our time comes to join this precious one.

Bluer than a sapphire,
Adorned with clouds in pearly-white,
Our most "Beautiful Sky"---- we behold thee!
For this "Sky" shines in sunny rays of gold!

Just fly baby fly
Fly free with the angels

Dedicated to little Skyla, age 3. Just a few days ago, this toddler was taken from this earth at the hands of evil deeds.

This page is a dedication to my school friend Julie and her cousin Scotty, as well as all of little Skyla's family and friends.

Forever young.......
Forever committed to loving memory.......
And held close by the grace of Our Father.

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Skyla (dedication by wings2fly2heaven)