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  Tasnuva Ahmed

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 Untold Consequences

Whenever I would fail myself to hardly notice that in a corner my fear lies

Scared myself to ashes those words I shall never deny

Just to step across my threshold I was too young to understand

No one dared to look through my eyes that longed to know the truth

When the realization has struck it was a bitter pain I bared

My innocence has lost its essence through the mist of time

I longed to loved and now it was just a curse I carried along

Could not get out and face myself at the mirror to look into my eyes

They were too torn apart through the violence that was hidden by my conscious

It was far from over till it struck my reality so bad when I fell in nascent love

Blind and thoughtless I was brought again to my misery

Felt helpless as it slipped through myself I had a long pause of heavy lifting pain to bear  

Shivered and shattered by the destruction that led to my empathy

Awakened in the end discovering the motionless forces sweeping through the sadness

That bears the fruit of neglect and vengeance all along the pathway i confide.

poetry4461 - all rights reserved.

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