once upon a time

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 Reach out give and you will receive
The good in, our world of today,
All is good if you reach out rejoice, and
Love one another. Seems so simple yet,
We put demands on the simple act of saying
I love you.

All I ask is for you to stand by me
When I reach out to you, and ask
 Do you love me?
An easy question,
why complicate it,
yes I love you,
let me hold you,
Dance with me,
Hold me tight.

Sway to life's music.
Reach out,say it loud
i love you.

life is contained in these three words.
I love you,
Love lasts for ever.

Through all trials, and
Labours of living in this world
Let us reach out.

no one can be, an island.
Someday we all will reach out,
Say yes i love you.
love you,love you.


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