The soul has much to say

To father...from son


I've been told, I have your walk
Casual stride, no wasted motion
Getting to my destination,
without hesitation

Accusations of...
Having your regal, demeanor
Displaying your sense, of calm
Always relying, on His word

From the mouth of babes
Being asked for advice
and having your grand-daughter say,
"You sound like Poppy"

Watching you, over the years
Paying close attention, to your ways
No one could be, a better husband
A better father?...not even close

I make no apologies, for my bias
We've never played catch
Haven't caught a single fish, together
Yet, I always understood

Being a man
It's about doing, what needs to be done
You always made sure, we had
That in itself...your pride and joy

You showed me, there is a God
Teaching me all about Him...still doing, so
It's been said, we pray alike
Best compliment, I've ever been given

Yes, I've carried on some of your customs...

Planning road trips, down to the minute
Making the rounds, calling to check on everyone
Didn't know who Jackson Browne was, until you came along
Striving to uphold the family following, Christ

Maybe one day, I'll pass these traditions down

For I am, my fathers'...son

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To father...from son

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