once upon a time

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Carbonic, moronic, we need a carbon tax.
These colourless words in Gillardesque words drives
Another nail into Australian workers hard yakka.
Got a lot of nothing talk. Put living back where it belongs
In the workers homes.
Oh you mean those 'voters'.
Those moronic twelve year-olds. Who are they?

We need to do what. I don’t know. Does she know?
It just sounds good, carbonise
The workers - take their livelihoods - after all we are government
Can’t say we’re moronic. You voted for us.
We’ll give black diamonds with our carbon tax, to ourselves.
Leaving you odourless and homeless. We couldn't care less.
Just say okay. Put the carbon, moronic tax in place.

'Atomic 6' honorific title for an odoriferous tax.
All meaning lost in wording.
No sense in trying to understand content, believe me.
Carbonic politicians telling us what’s good for us.
Read about it and try to understand.
I don’t, and that's why I’m writing moronic, carbonic verse.

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