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On this beautiful Midsummer's evening I ponder;
Looking deeply into the heart of nature's rhythms.
The Wheel of the Year turns to the Summer Solstice;
Rich with the fullness of light, of warmth, of promise.

Looking out at the heather blowing in a gentle breeze;
Feeling the magick, the power of the five elements.
Earth, fire, water, air, spirit; walking peacefully with nature;
 Unity, cooperation, and participation with all of creation.

The waxing Maiden fills our souls with anticipation;
We prepare for the promise of this beautiful princess.
Enchanted by her beauty, I submit to her wishes.
Waiting for her fullness, yet alive within the moment.

The full Mother enters dripping in her ripeness;
Fertile, sensual, sexual, stable, most powerful.
All masculinity bows before her throne with honor;
Then entering the sensual dance of all the ages.

The waning Crone looks out over her domain with wisdom;
At peace with the wrinkles that time has bestowed.
Life slowly slipping into the next realm, into a repose;
The clock waits for no one, relentlessly ticking out ending.

As the Midsummer night encroaches, my soul remembers;
To a day when time was new, industrialization non-existent.
My soul relaxes in the night breeze, in sync with all life;
I honor the goddess, the universal feminine pole of power.


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