The soul has much to say



Beautiful, placebo
I'd take you, over and again
I'm not in need of healing
Yet, you desire to be my remedy

Are you, sure?

Possessing the power, of a runaway train
Gentle enough, to unbroken, raindrop
Owning, a legion of personalities?

just a heightened sense, of adaptability

Don't tell me, you're an angel from on High
Been there, done that
Be original, unique
like the color of your eyes me

I'm more than capable
of pulling reality, from fantasy
My'll never surpass
All I ask that you, match it

Once inside of me
your world will flourish
I'll defend you, to the death
For, I fear no man man

Taking my hand, you must understand
My touch, has a purpose
Tracing the outline, of your form
Caressing the valley

...that is the small, of your back

Setting ablaze, your spine
with a mere kiss
Immortal buffet
Spirit, mind, body and soul


Worried, about comparisons?
...don't be
I am, what I am

Love, is here and now

They'll be days, without warning
I'll steal you, away
We'll drink, from the chalice of peace
on an undiscovered hillside

...leaving our mark, on Eden

They'll be nights, of sensuous intent
I'll eat you alive
Not a morsel, spared
Hear me, well

My greed, bounds

So, take a good look at me
on the inside
Don't be fooled, by my outer shell
It will fade, with time

but the heart, of my heart...will never die

Once, I let you in
everything, will change
Taming me?
It's not a matter of strength

...but tenderness

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