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Let's have a little war he said
The party approval is dropping
Surely we can find a cause
A dictator that needs stopping
And when the body bags pile up
We have a remembrance parade
All make a few apt speeches
That's how reputations are made
And when the ratings have risen
And we're safely back in power
And the opposition can't do a thing
No matter how they yell and glower
We'll say all objectives being reached
It's now time to talk not fight
And the old dictator has actually
Started putting all wrongs right
Started seeing reason
No need for him to go
And then get back the peace
And return to the status quo
It's a pity about the causalities
But there's always a price to pay
For peace and truth and reason
Doing things the democratic way
Yes that's the way to do it and
Get back in power once more
So let's get on with our research
And start our suitable little war

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