He's in my dreams for two nights
A young man who loves me alright
He has brown hair
And warm hugs
He tells to dress more modern because
I am old
While he is young
I still feel his skin
Half awake
And for that feeling
I escape
Into a another world
Even if only in sleep
His face and ways into me deep
Where I question
What I'm doing
Here with of over two years
Of not screwing
I live in celibacy
Until a man
Somewhere in life
Thinks I'm good enough to be a wife
Because I have a fit
For those who will not commit
Their body to my soft warm skin
I'll just keep dreaming
Letting in
The dreams that come
Have no control
Of what is buried here in my soul
And maybe that young man is you
Because as old
It's difficult to do
The dreams you have in the day light
It's okay
You're in my mind at night
You're coming through
In other ways
These last two nights
I'm  dreaming of you
With youth and hair
Of brown
Because if you don't get what you need
Your dreams will plead
That you need physical love
And maybe an angel from above
Will come to them
And give you love
So far away
So young and brave
So for today
These dreams I save
In poetry
To remember
The Spring of my life growing
Here in my September.

6/29/2011 1117 PDT cj

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