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 The End

Oh! How slowly time passes
when we are young, vigorous
and full of life!

Nothing was too big, too far
or too tough too conquer !

Laughter, joy and enlightenment
were the fruits of the day.

Life was a welcome challenge,
a day to day game to be played,
and we thought those days would
never end!

But, the river of life quickly flows in
to the oceans of time, and then slows,
changes, no matter how hard we try
to keep the Status Quo!

Our summers are forever gone,
and the winter of our life is
here to stay.

Tragedies, ill health, ineptness,
constant aches and pains,
depression,  the slow retreat
into the dark abyss of
dementia, or worse.

Suffering through the late years of the seventies,
and the early years of the eighties, and for many,
the welcome end is at last near.

Death brings life's circle to its inevitable end!

Forevermore… just, dust in the wind!

Jackie R. Kays
© 2011

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