Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god


One zero zero one one zero one,
Numbers ticking by, racing to fight
The countdown.

Rage trickles down like sweat,
My fingers itch to stab
And I'm tired of playing fair.

A million ways to die, and
None available to me.

Crashing into crazy eights,
Fighting to find some kind of balance,
I walk away and pray to sleep eternally.

Anything to avoid having to feel.

Three AM and it's too loud in my head.
I creep away from the noises and
Stare at the failing moonlight.

So much hate coursing through my veins.
My options are limited.

One one one zero one one zero zero zero one zero.
They march by like soldiers going to die.
I want to save them all, but instead,
I sit and watch, waiting for god to take the wheel.


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