Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Second Best Is Still Good

Like a fool dazed with
Stardust dreams, I touch
The jaundiced pages
Of an old journal that spills
Words at me like a flood.
The rainbow colors of surreality
Wrest upon my cheeks of dust
And kiss me with velvet winks
Designed to help me sleep.
But when sleep comes, my dreams
Are disasters that have fallen far off
The starry trails the traveled upon.
A sheepish grin, the moon becomes
Drenched in sunlight and I'm so lost,
Desiring the moon's shine.
A nightmare etched clean, I see that
Hope lurks in places I cannot reach.
I pray for wings but am too heavy to fly.
The darkness comes for me and
I give it the gift of my soul,
Only to have it spat back in my face.


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Second Best Is Still Good

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