Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Oh man!

To think I lived long years without you by my side.
To think I thought I was endless when pursued by you,
The way you chased and chased until I gave in
And spat in your eye before turning away from you.
The way you held my hand sickened me,
The lies you spewed about forever
Made me wretch, made me itch inside.
Nothing but contempt for you!
And now here you stay, like a wart or a scar,
Constantly reminding me of how I need you.
But I don't, because I did live long years without you,
And I wasn't so endless when you weren't here.
I was a being with a purpose, and you came to destroy that.
And so I destroy you, in a fury of angry words
And p!ssed off glances that could turn you to stone.
You tried to hold my hand, let your fingers touch my thighs
And then I smatter you with rage and
Push you so far away, you were but a dot in my vision.
Then I could find happiness at the end of the rainbow
You p!ssed before me.


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Oh man!

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