Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god


My thought casts a shadow so dark.
Like a mountain, it stands tall
And lets the breeze kill away reason.

My tears become a waterfall,
Poisoning a forest of fear while
I stream regret in my mind.

A ruined girl,
Spitting up poison by the moonlight.
The stars wink at me,
A meek disappointment.
They know I'm here;
Everyone else has forgotten.

The sweetness of his touch makes me cringe.
It's like being stung by a thousand bees,
Or being pierced by bright sunlight.

In the dusk, I find my way until the dawn escapes.
Then, the secret garden of demise
Releases horrors as black as night.

The sounds of my youth, the screams,
The ifs, the ands, the whys, the OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD
That turned my delightful youth into
A sickening and eerie one.


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