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Beautiful Little Babies

We were beautiful little babies.
Once upon a time, we were unmarred.
Our screams were for hunger, love and attention.
But I remember the day my wails
Turned dark and black, like a thick
Poison consuming me.
I remember when the people picking me up
Were the ones dropping me hard.
I remember being dense,
Remembering nothing but pleasantries and
I wish that were the case now.
But I look out these windows from my soul,
And I see the hideous hands the touched me
When I wanted no one to touch me at all.
I see the smiles that slithered across
The heinous faces that took from me
The beauty I held in my heart.
The innocence I balanced in my mind
Was ripped away from me,
Leaving me tearful,
My stomach sick with disgust and regret.
I was a beautiful little baby too,
I was free of scars and full of wonder.
I deserved to be free and
Not chained to an overload of memories and
Rancid hate that festers in my veins.
I deserved to be unmarred too,
But while the others grew up without this abrasion
On their bodies,
I grew up with several on mine.


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Beautiful Little Babies

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