once upon a time

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We are Australian.

In our time we are asked

To go over there. Now living here in

Australia, not over there we need to ask

A simple question.

Why should we go over there?

In Afghanistan, in our time, all is as ever was.

A continuous war.  Do we want, do we need to

Be over there?  Where is over there?

Vietnam or Afghanistan?

Australia this land is where

We are needed, to protect and serve our

Country. We remember other lands and

The hard fought wars.

What did we ever get for going over there?

Our men died,  were disabled and soon forgotten.

Not even a pat on the back for going over there.

Another last post sighs across this our land

Called Australia. LEST WE FORGET.

Our destiny lies with our loved ones here.

Not over there in the dust of Afghanistan.


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