Blue on Pink
It sends me
To the brink
Of desire
When the fire
Of writing goes
The wind blows
Cold today
After such lovely weather
You can guess
Never quiet perfectly
As many pendulums
Swing in
Single time
Double time too
Back and forth
Thinking of you.

The Blue ink
On the Pink paper
Runs on all my life
As I live alone
A poet wife.

He is my destiny
The one who sets
My pen free
To amuse the muse
Deep in my soul
That must roll
Out and onward
In this life
Where I am not
A wife
Wasting my love
On the Blue and Pink
That doesn't really stink
It has no smell
How I know it well
The Blue of man
The Pink of woman
All my life
In nursery rhymes
Some words
Just to be heard.

My own feeble mind
Where someday in a long dream
I will dream of you
As I am the woman in Pink
You'll be the man in Blue
Wishful thinking
Pipe dreams
Genies in bottles
What the Blue on Pink screams
Mermaids with fish tails
Winds that blow kisses
Sea where a love sails
There somehow he misses
All the rapture of my night gowns
Theses quiet times in the middle of the night
Here Blue on Pink resounds
Where the peace is the lamplight.

Why in five minutes
Of talking to no one
Except the Pink paper poking
My Blue pen that's joking
Around with the all
Of the big ball of Earth
Where rebirth can come
Without the sun
If that is so
Then here I go
In the dearness
Of this night
Redundantly write
Away the quiet
Because there is no quiet
In a poet's brain
They are insane
For the taste
To waste
Another tree
So they could do some bawling
On top of some smiling

To put on
Another silly
Heartune's song
That sends you flowers
For the powers
Of your spirit
Because I heard you
In my soul
Like a sponge
I take it in
You are now near
To me as near as
Pink paper and Blue pen.

0254 4/2710 cj

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