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 Poverty-07/08/2011 (revised 01/19/2012)
Written by Loi in July 8, 2011
And revised by Colin in January 19, 2012

There is an injustice of Politic
He took the money from the residents
And the residents became poor
And had no more money  
This can lead to
-food shortage
-and few clothes
So politics is a human that cannot be a lover, but a hater  
And he cannot be a savior of the world
He's a warrior

There is an injustice done by Businessmen
They sell contaminated goods which are not cheap and free  
The customers cannot afford to buy those things
And the very things that they need
Customers who are clients of an employment specialist can be helped to search for a job to
provide for their family's needs.
However, this system has the highest percent of unemployment
The clients quickly found a job that matched their skills  
But a slow progress of their resume if the master hire them or not
So the businessman is a human that cannot be a lover, but a hater
And he cannot provide the customers what they
Only the customers have to work hard and provide their family needs by themselves

There is an injustice in Religion
Religion uses fellowmen for money
And they have nothing
Things like this are religious stuff that is not taught by the true God  
And the service pays the high price gas while on transport
This is not what Jesus did
Jesus did go out and served for free  
So religion like this is being hypocritical to innocent fellowmen

All those three establishers are a hater and hypocrisy in the world
And soon they will be destroyed forever. Amen.

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