The soul has much to say

...thank you


I'm not sure how, or when it started
A multitude of ways, to describe you
A tear drop, from His eye
That one leaf, hanging on my barren tree

The rarest, of sunsets

Seeing that smile, from so far away
Reminding me, that anything's possible
Enriching my ears, with sounds unknown
Captivated eyes...reading your words, from the heart

Dancing our dance, of humility

The awareness of two, yet, one
As we know all things, His hands
The intertwining, of what makes us different
You tell me, it's going to be alright

and I believe you

Many, extend their hand to you
Still, you find time to hold mine
To say, we're there for each other
...a mirror of promise

The foundation of kindred spirits

When your wings grow weary
I take you higher
When my silence
is anything but golden

you're there...listening

A friend
a confidant
a whisper
All these things and more

you are to me

For helping me, carry on
Blazing, a new trail of memories
Tasting, the nectar of transcendence
Realizing, my heart has value

...thank you

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...thank you

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