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Compassion is an art; faces of our fallen;
Too many portraits; too many soldiers dead.
From a Utah farm shared with a hundred goats,
Kaziah Hancock paints another serviceman.

Her artistic talents used by Project Compassion;
Touching hearts who have lost their sons and daughters.
Starting three years ago, honoring Utah's first fallen;
Now nearly 250 heroes have been painted by Kaziah.

"I'm not what you call political, I just love freedom;
Painting these pictures are my way of saying,
I love you, kiddo. You are my buddy."
Kaziah brings their personalities back to life.

Another painting ready to be shipped to his parents;
One last look, tearfully saying goodbye.
"I would have loved not to have painted himů"
Kaziah sends her free gift of love to another family.

"He should have grown old, an 80 year old man;
He should have become a father, a husband."
Then she smiles her heart warming smile;
You cannot help but love Kaziah Hancock.

I watched the video sent to me by a dear friend;
Tears flowed freely down my face; I felt love.
I felt the compassion of a hug extended from Utah;
Kaziah brought peace as she embraced my soul.


Inspired and quoting a video sent by a friendů
Video by KARE 11   Minnesapolis / St Paul


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