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My Coloring Book

crayons Pictures, Images and Photos

I want to spend time coloring in my coloring book
I want to choose any color
Any color I wish
My imagination must run wild
I have tried too long
Too long to make things right
For too long to color the perfect world
I always try to color within the lines
No, I want to escape
Escape into my own fantasy world
Let me dream
Let me dream and become whatever it is
That I want to become
To dream cost me nothing
I want to color the sun a bright yellow
I like the color red too
The color red reminds of fire
Fire something hot and burning
Green is one of my favorite colors
It's the color of trees in summer
The color green blades of grass
The color black, I think of night
Seeing the moon and stars way up high
Sleep and dreams come to me at night
White is a wonderful color
Like pure white soft snowflakes gently falling
Blue a color I see when I look up at the sky
Brown to me is a warm color like the earth
Orange is the color of pumpkins and leaves in autumn
I love all the colors of the rainbow
I want to color in my coloring book
I want to color the world and not color within the lines
Choosing any color I wish

ŠJuly 13, 2011 Janet Irene Griffin

Author's note: My Coloring Book is a metaphor for my life.


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My Coloring Book



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