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 Listening to the Silence

Sitting in stillness with my dog Quest;
Climbing into the seat of observation.
Watching the train of thoughts pass by;
Slowly becoming quiet inside my mind.
Not with judgment; not by force;
Simply sitting, listening to the silence.

Wisdom flashes into my soul from within;
The river of universal soul is now tapped.
Allowing the lightning to strike in stillness;
Unshaken, I remain sitting with Quest.
The thunder claps; the silence is broken;
Then returning to listening to the silence.

Bringing definition, noise colors the silence;
Showing the contrast, now a vibrant stillness.
This is not an emptiness, nor is it a void;
But this silence is a creative force… alive!
The pulsing energy surges within my soul;
I am made new while listening to the silence.


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