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 What makes Life Rhyme

Time is priceless, so waste
not, for time is all you've got.

Sunrise and sunset
Day by day… time
quickly gets away.

Time is the same for all,
old or young, so hold on tight,
for tomorrow never comes.

Wisdom does not automatically
come with age, but age automatically
comes with time.

If only we could capture time in a bottle,
and stay young , free and  be what we‘ve  
always want to be.

Love and fortunes are fleeting as time quickly
slips away, surely  you can see…there are no
tomorrows, so take care of each and every
precious day!
Advice is cheap, but time is of the essence,
you can't beg, borrow or steal it!

The journey of time can be long or short,
what you do with time, is what makes life

Jackie R. Kays
© 1/23/11

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