In morning dreams
situations are chaotic
you can make love to
People you are not allowed to
Make love to
and they will want you so bad again
That they will even want you to read your poetry
to them while being anxious
for you to find it
under the kitchen sink
where you threw it in a box
when the oxygen tank
went off
spurting white
air into the sky
There are my children
my grandchildren
my kids friends
and you
Babies on laps
With some of your buddies outside
Trying to fix something
on the tailgate of a truck
You pull me into for more passionate deep kisses
That I have been without for so long
They will kiss you as it's snows inside the garage in summer
and a small grand child can have oatmeal
all over their face for awhile
your son can destroy stuff
like many times he did once
and your other son
will come over
with Jack Daniels
and  go ah ah ah ah-Ha
I don't want to share that
the cords on your computer can
go in the slot half a$$ed
and it will still work
And you get WHAT YOU want to get warm
as the back and front water spouts
are LEAKing profusely
in the cold summer
because inside a fireplace is lit
and there's a fire in the floor
Under glass
You can see under the rug
in morning dreams you cannot
find you correct poems
and he kisses you over and over anyway
and does noT want to go
oh the splendor and incorrectness of dreams
yOU don't want to awaken from them
Because you feet are cold
This morning
And the heat he gave
Makes him desire you again
While there is fear
That it is wrong
there is no wrong
In morning's dreams...

7/14/2011 0921 cj

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