Poems for Lovers and Sinners


Shadows walk before them dragging belongings

with the dusty desert which leaves no foot prints

there feet are raw from walking, from bleeding

their hearts focus on the location far off, there is help!

Shadows forging blood steps with crying babies and...

hunger so ravenous they eat anything which moves

these once proud people now reduced to nothing, reduced to...

the salt of the earth die on this road to help, to this penetrating

watering hole so far off where help is but a stand off until death

Shadows festering along the death road where cattle lay dead and dying

their livelihood gone, along with the water, the babies still cry out

tent town there is help, a little food, the babies still cry in stagnation

while doctors hold dead babies in their arms, the mother's walk away...

They have other children who are dying of hunger, who need burying!


Written By B. R. Walker
Copywriter UK 2011

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