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Hello, Goodbye Again....


I say "Hello",
Goodbye again,
I'm heading for the hills,
The highlanders,
Are calling me,
I'm shaking off my ills,

I'm heading for mountains,
Breathe deep the clean air,
A cottage off the beaten track,
Time spent without a care,

I will walk through forest pathways,
Gather thoughts along  the way,
Sit quietly by a mountain stream,
Watch the sun sink on the day,

I will breathe the scent of mountain pine,
Of roses on the breeze,
Leave footprints on a sandy beach,
Share with you;  love, if you please,

The distant sound of gulls in flight,
White horses on the shore,
And moments made for memories,
To treasure ever more,

It's been a while,
Been missing you,
And struggling with the pain,
So  say "Hello",
Now time to go,
I'll say "Goodbye" again.

Linda Stuart Harnett,  © 2011

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Hello, Goodbye Again....