once upon a time

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Trilogy of dreams

Can't fully explain how or why
It became a trilogy of dreams
Doesn't matter some things seem to
Evolve won't worry about how or why
Let's see about finishing, and enjoying

There is always another poem:-sometimes!
Noticed a billboard in place called Strathfield
Succinctly put it said smart critiques stupid creates
I'll go with that gives me plenty of leeway to write
Not worry is it right is it daft; it is a poem I created
Let some smart person critique I shall just create, and
Laugh at the comments not burn on them in the shadows

I'll roll and tumble my way through writing poetry
Giving heartfelt thanks for spell check lets see where
Was I yep smart critiques and stupid creates bloke
Called Einstein stated that intellect is limited though
Imagination circles the globe lets dream and create
Within my trilogy of dreams you decide, critique or create

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