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                                    Old Glory, Stars and Stripes, the Red, White and Blue!
                                    This is the flag of the greatest Nation in the world, this
                                    is OUR flag, to be  cherished, loved, and  respected by
                                    all, no matter where she may fly!

                                    The defenders of OUR flag have paid a valiant price to
                                    keep Old Glory waving and provide the freedoms that we
                                    so willingly take for granite.
                                    Now foreign invaders misuse the freedom, which she provides,
                                    by, openly and reprehensible desecrate OUR flag, OUR honor, and                  
                                   OUR way of life, under the misguided interpretation of OUR      

                                    The law and the interpretation of that law was created by man,      
                                    and can be changed. The only law that is written in stone was
                                    created by the hand of God!
                                     What has happened to
                                     "Don't tread on me!"
                                     "The Stars and Stripes forever!"              

                                      No longer should we tolerate deliberate and intentional, vile acts
                                     of  desecration of OUR Nation's most sacred symbol!
                                     These acts of hatred, disdain and total disrespect for the symbol of                    
                                    OUR nation is incomprehensible and intolerable!
                                      This is the flag that we pledge allegiance to!
                                      Help protect OUR flag!
                                     Notify your congress Representative today, and tell him or her
                                      that you want the interpretation of the law changed.
                                      No longer should we tolerate deliberate, intentional and                
                                      unspeakable acts of desecration of OUR Nation's most sacred
                                      symbol. This is not happening it Tehran, it's happening here in
                                      OUR own country!
                                      No, I'm not a book burner or a Nazi, I'm just an old soldier that
                                      loves his country and the flag it represents!    
                          Note: Please check out this site: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2596116/posts
                          If you are a patriotic American, then these pictures will make your blood boil!  
                          So please act today to help save OUR flag from further desecration!


                          Jackie R. Kays
                          "I am forever honored, for I have marched with heroes!" (jk)

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